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I do not receive data after eSIM activation

After buying the eSIM, I'm having trouble installing it and activating it. How do I fix it?

If the eSIM installation and activation are not working as expected, there may be two possible reasons:

Problems installing eSIM in Cellular Settings on your device

When the error message says 'Cellular plans from this carrier cannot be added', it means you have a locked phone and can't add other carriers. A locked phone can't be used with our services, so please contact customer support for a refund. We refund all unused data plans.

When you get an error message that says 'Unable to Complete Cellular Change', it means there's no eSIM available to download when you enter it manually. You should check your manual entries and use the copy function on our app or website to make sure they're right. In case the problem persists, contact customer support.

You've installed and activated the eSIM, but you can't connect

When you've successfully installed and started using the plan, your eSIM status should be 'Active'

The eSIM may need 10-15 minutes to get connected after it's activated. Here's what to check if it's not getting connected:
You need to make sure you have turned on the eSIM line in your Cellular Settings
Make sure roaming is on. Go to Settings → Cellular. Select your eSIM profile and ensure that “Data Roaming” is switched ON.

Turn on airplane mode for 30 seconds, then turn it off to reset your settings

Try turning your phone off and restarting if none of these work

Please contact customer support if you checked all these points, and your plan still doesn't work. There may be technical issues with your eSIM or with the vendor.

Important: Never delete your eSIM. You'll never be able to use your eSIM if you delete it.
If you contact customer support, please send screenshots showing you no longer have service so we can diagnose the problem. 

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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